Tiny House Ventilation Systems: RV Vents

It’s hugely important to keep the air well-ventilated in a tiny house, as with any small space a living being exists in. Without proper ventilation, oxygen levels in a small space can be too low to be safe, with obvious consequences. Moisture can get trapped in the living space, leading to mould or malfunctioning electrical equipment. Consequently you can end up with uncomfortable or even unhealthy or dangerous living conditions – definitely something to avoid. To sum up, tiny houses and other small living areas most certainly need good ventilation.

Fan-Tastic vent; potentially a great option for tiny house ventilation

Above all, it’s important to do your own research with this, and make sure you’ve considered the above when building a space to live in. That said, we’ve recently seen some cool usage of ventilation systems intended for RVs, which can be great for keeping the air fresh and breathable in a small living space.

For example, there’s the Fan-Tastic vent, which is small and easy to install while being out of the way and not drawing too much power.

Marina, who runs a YouTube channel pamthevan, has a great video below showing how she installed the Fan-Tastic vent. She installed it in the roof of a van, where she lives while traveling. Her video below shows how easily RV ventilation can be installed in a tiny living space with some simple tools:

In conclusion, there are many different kinds of ventilation options for tiny houses. RV vents can be a relatively cheap and easy to install option, and we’ll try to cover other options here as we discover them in this blog.

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