Creative Uses for Command Hooks in Your Tiny House

When living in a small space it can be important to find easy and simple ways to organise your home. Making holes in walls can be unpractical as you may not wish to damage surfaces or leave marks. One reversible, temporary and adjustable solution to organising your tiny house may be in the form of 3M Command Hooks. Below you will find some of my top creative uses for Command Hooks which I hope will help you organise your Tiny House.

For those unfamiliar with 3M Command Hooks, they are removable hooks that can be attached onto walls (or any other flat smooth surfaces such as cabinets, bookcases or desks) using a special adhesive sticker that can be removed without damaging the surface (when removed carefully).

Command Hooks come in a variety of designs and sizes to match your individual style and can be used to hang kitchen utensils, pots and pans, mugs, towels, clothes, hats, sports equipment, umbrellas, cables – the list is virtually unlimited with a bit of imagination!

Without further ado, here are some of my top creative uses for Command Hooks in your Tiny House:

1. Use Them to Create Vertical Wall Gardens

To save floor and counter space use Command Hooks to vertically hang lightweight pots on a wall or cabinet near a window to create a vertical garden. Simply screw a hole in a metal or sturdy plastic pot that’s large enough to fit a wire type Command Hook through (see more Command Hooks suggestions below). This can be an effective and discreet solution which is easily removable if you decide to move your garden to another location or when you decide to store away the pots.

For larger and heavier plants use pots with flat backs that lay flush against the wall and hang them with strong rope on more heavy duty hooks (always make sure to check the weight!).

Suggested Hooks for Wall Garden:
Clear Medium Wire Toggle Hooks (hold up to 900g / 2lb)
White Medium Wire Toggle Hooks (hold up to 900g / 2lb)
White Kitchen Utensil Hooks (hold up to 225g / 0.5lb)
White Medium Designer Hooks (hold up to 1.3kg / 3lb)
Clear Large Hooks (hold up to 1.8kg / 4lb)
Large Modern Metal Hooks (hold up to 1.8kg / 4lb)

Check out this hanging wall planters vertical garden step by step tutorial.

2. Use Them to Create Rope Shelving

This one may be a little risky if you’re thinking of placing something valuable on the shelves but if you’re in need of some pop up shelving then Command Hooks may be your solution. Hang shelving from ropes or cords and tie or loop onto Command Hooks. The shelves can be put up for holding extra storage or displaying your items and can be taken down and put away when no longer needed or when your Tiny House is on the move. Could make for a small drinks bar on the side of your kitchen unit or next to your sofa.

If ropes and cords are not your cup of tea you could try hanging triangle brackets on the hooks such as the ones pictured above as an alternative (but again, keep in mind the weight limitations!).

Suggested Hooks for Hanging Rope Shelving:
Large Modern Metal Hooks (hold up to 1.8kg / 4lb)
Large Utility Hooks (hold up to 2.2kg / 5lb)
Large Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks (hold up to 2.2kg / 5lb)
Jumbo Quartz Hooks (hold up to 3.4kg / 7.5lb)

3. Use Them to Hang Pendant Lights

This is a great solution if you’re in need of more lighting in your Tiny House without the hassle and cost of wiring and installing permanent lighting – simply hang them using Command Hooks and plug them into a socket. As such, it makes for a space-saving lighting solution that is completely flexible. Hang them next to your bed for an excellent reading light, next to a mirror for that extra lighting when doing your make up or in your living room for a cosy atmosphere.

Suggested Hooks for Hanging Pendant Lights:
Large Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks (hold up to 2.2kg / 5lb)
Large Modern Metal Hooks (hold up to 1.8kg / 4lb)
Jumbo Slate Hooks (hold up to 3.4kg / 7.5lb)

Suggested Pendant Lights:

Black Fabric Cable Pendant Light with Gold Fitting

4. Use Them to Create Trellises for Vining Plants

Vining plants are easy to look after and look beautiful placed on decking or patio areas in front of windows. Use clear outdoor window Command Hooks with twine to create trellis grids for the plants. Start by marking out your placement on the window using a dry-erase marker and place hooks in a rectangular grid with the bases of each hook at each corner of the rectangle and the nose of the hooks facing outwards (see above images). Loop garden twine around the hooks to create a square and an X that extends to each corner of the grid. Carefully weave each vining plant through the twine trellis and watch your plants grow! These trellises can also be attached onto other flat indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Suggested Hooks for Trellises:
Outdoor Large Clear Window Hooks (hold up to 1.8kg / 4lb)

Leaves no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stains.

Rearrange and get creative with your living space.


I hope you have found some inspiration from some of my top creative uses for Command Hooks. It would be great to hear if you’ve used or are thinking of using any of them in your Tiny House!

If you’re looking for more quick and easy organisational solutions, make sure to check out our post about Magnetic Space Saving Accessories for Your Tiny House.

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