Magnetic Space Saving Accessories for Your Tiny House


As space comes at a premium in Tiny Houses, any space saving accessories can be extremely useful. As such, here is my list of some very useful magnetic space saving accessories that will help you save space with the power of magnets! (especially useful if your Tiny House has many metal surfaces).

Magnetic Spice Racks

Get your spices out of your cabinets, drawers and off your counter top and place them on a magnetic spice rack.

Magnetic Spice Rack to Save Space

1. Black Single Tier Magnetic Spice Rack

This modern and elegant magnetic spice rack will help you keep your kitchen counter more organised and add an industrial feel to your decor with its black matt metal finish.

The rack can support up to 2kg and should work well on your fridge and other iron surface. Great for keeping those frequently used spices elevated and ready to use.

Place the rack according to the height you need – higher up when children are around and lower down when cooking.

Magnetic Spice Rack with Jars to Save Space

2. Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack with Magnetic Spice Jars

Unlike the above rack, this modern looking spice rack comes with six magnetic spice jars with clear lids that help you easily identify the contents of the jars. The jars also allow you to sprinkle spices without taking the lid off.

Magnetically attach the rack to your fridge or mount to the kitchen wall using the included fittings. Also ideal for use with stainless steel oven backsplashes.

Magnetic Knife Strips

Clear your counter space and drawers by taking your knives and putting them on the wall or side of a cabinet (caution, may not be child friendly!).

Magnetic Knife Holder to Help Save Space

1. Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

This heavy duty magnetic knife holder allows you to hang a diverse range of knives on the wall (or any other flat sturdy surface) leaving you more space on the counter and in the drawers, providing easy access to your favourite knives.

The magnetic strip is not only useful for hanging knives but also has a multipurpose function that allows you to hang anything that is magnetic such as scissors, tools, metal cooking utensils, metal stationery and anything else metal you can think of!

Magnetic Knife Strip to Help Save Space

2. Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip

If you’re not a fan of the shiny stainless steel look and would like to stick with the ‘natural’ and ‘rustic’ decor of your Tiny House then this wooden magnetic knife strip may appeal to you more. It works as well as the stainless steel strips as this is just that but with a wooden finish over it.

Magnetic Strip to Help Save Space

Not only useful in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. These magnetic strips can also be used to hold up metal objects such as hair clips, grooming tools and small metal containers. Install them on the wall or inside a vanity cabinet.

Magnetic Hooks

Keep your kitchen, living room and bathroom uncluttered by hanging items on magnetic hooks.

Pastel Block Magnetic Hooks to Help Save Space

1. All Purpose Pastel Block Magnetic Hooks

These three piece pastel magnetic hooks will add a touch of playfulness and colour to your Tiny House. Easily and quickly attach to any metal surfaces for hanging all sorts of items and take down when no longer needed.

These small but strong magnetic hooks will hold up to 1.8kg (4lb) of weight. Attach them to your fridge, metal table legs, shelving and more! May also be useful on the outside of your Tiny House.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Pin Hook to Help Save Space

2. Large Heavy Duty Magnetic Pin Hooks

If you’re looking for a more heavy duty hanging solution then these heavy duty pin hooks may just do the job.

Specifically designed for your big coats and bags they claim to hold up to 100 pounds on a vertical surface.

I hope you have found some of these magnetic space saving accessories inspirational. It would be great to hear if you’ve used or are thinking of using any of them in your Tiny House!

If you’re looking for more quick and easy organisational solutions, make sure to check out our post about Creative Uses for Command Hooks in your Tiny House.

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