5 Space Saving Foldable Tables for Tiny Houses

Finding ways to organise your tiny space for a number of different uses can be tough. Your living space might need to be used for work, rest and entertaining. As such, having furniture that you can easily fold away or extend can help you transform your space into a more functional one. Luckily you can now find some great foldable tables that should help you make your Tiny House into a more multifunctional space.

Here is a list of my top ready made foldable tables from Amazon and IKEA that you can get now:

1. Foldable Drop Leaf Tables


These easy to install and simple drop leaf tables will provide your Tiny House with extra working and dining space. Simply attach them to a wall or any other vertical flat surface and fold down out of the way when not needed.

Place multiple drop leaf tables next to each other to create a bigger work area. Alternatively, screw onto the side of your kitchen cabinet to extend your worktop or create a pop up bar!

2. Easy to Assemble Foldable Desk


This modern industrial looking desk is super easy to assemble and fold away. All you need to do to put it together is unfold the metal frame and snap the desktop on top (or the reverse to disassemble), without fiddling with any screws.

The desk is great for use as an office space or dining table. Simply fold it away when finished.

When folded the desk is only about 100cm long, 75cm wide and 6-7cm thick which means that you could easily store it behind the sofa, against a wall, underneath the bed, or with a bit of imagination practically anywhere else you can think of! (perhaps the ceiling?).

3. Compact Foldable Dining Set


This traditional foldable dining set is super compact and comes with four foldable chairs that can be stored inside the table. The table folds out to seat up to four people (perfect for a family) and there is also a small integrated drawer to keep your dining bits and pieces in. Which provides some extra storage.

When opened the table is 120cm long, 80cm wide and 76cm high. But most importantly, it is only 35cm long, 80cm wide and 76cm high when folded away. This makes the dining set super compact! The dining set comes in a white and natural wood finish and an all over light oak finish.

4. IKEA IVAR Storage Unit With Foldable Table

This unit is ideal for a Tiny House as it doubles as a storage unit and a table. The table easily folds down to give access to shelves which provide plenty of storage space. The table can then be folded up to hide your things and clear the floor space for other uses.

This storage unit is not only perfect for use as a desk but also a small dining table for 2-3 people. What’s also cool about this unit is that it is made from solid pine that you can easily personalise by staining or painting to fit your Tiny House decor.

5. IKEA PS 2014 Bureau

Create a clean and tidy look with this minimal IKEA Bureau. Fold down the leaf of the bureau to gain access to your things and use it as a quick access table or work station.

Easily fold up the leaf to hide your belongings and manage your electronics’ cables with the integrated cable outlet. The bureau also has some handy storage on top for your books or other bits and pieces.

I hope you have found some inspiration from some of my top ready made foldable tables from Amazon and IKEA that you can get right now. It would be great to hear if you’ve used or are thinking of using any of them in your Tiny House!

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