6 Pre-built Tiny Houses For Sale Online in the UK

Building a tiny house is no small task, even though to many it’s one of the attractions of tiny houses to begin with. Having a living space you put together yourself is a big appeal. However, in some cases you might have the space and want to get a head start. If so, you might like the idea of going with a pre-built structure to turn into your tiny home.
There are many options for instant pre-built tiny houses. These can have a vast range of price tags and quality, but whatever you’re looking for you can find something a few clicks away on the Internet. Whether a complete home, a framework to build upon or just for inspiration, here are some pre-build tiny houses we found on Amazon in the UK. In theory you can have one shipped and put together within a matter of days!

BillyOh 7×7 Picton Tongue & Groove Wooden Garden Summerhouse – £559.00

Dimensions: 7ft x 7ft (2.15m x 2.15m)
BillyOh 7x7 Garden Summerhouse, a cheap option for a basic pre-built tiny house

Starting with the cheapest example, this garden summerhouse is not much more than a pretty shed with windows. However it easily has enough space for sleeping and potentially an area to sit around and eat, especially with a fold-up table or similar. It’s likely not a serious contender for a tiny house to live inn permanently, but has a very low price and at least is a good example of what you can get for your money.

BillyOh Renna Tongue and Groove Corner Summerhouse – £1079

Dimensions: 11ft x 7ft (3.34m x 2.15m)
BillyOh 11x7 Summerhouse, a more realistically sized option for a basic pre-built tiny house

This is just a larger model of the previous listing. For a higher price point, it offers an extra 28 squared feet, which makes quite a difference in a space of this size. This extra space makes it a much more suitable option as far as pre-built tiny houses go, and still for a very low price.

BillyOh 20×10 Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Roof & Felt Summerhouse – £1695

Dimensions: 20ft x 10ft (5.92m x 3.18m)
BillyOh 20x10 Summerhouse, a much larger pre-built tiny house option

This is where the options start to get really interesting. Still priced low, we have a much larger building that could fit all you need in a tiny house. Granted, the windows aren’t double-glazed and while there is some protection against the elements, this probably wouldn’t be ideal as a permanent home in a place with a lot of extreme weather. However, it could serve as a summertime home, or as something more permanent somewhere with a temperate climate.

WALTONS Garden Room Home Office (5×3) – £8,249.99 including installation

Dimensions: 16.4ft x 9.8ft (5m x 3m)
WALTONS Garden Room Home Office (5x3), a much sturdier pre-built tiny house

There’s a big jump in price with this option, however this can be easily justified in that this seems to be a much sturdier building. This makes it much more realistic as a space for living in, potentially year round. It’s built from 72mm insulated panels, has double glazed windows, and the price includes delivery and installation. This is truly a pre-built tiny house, and with minimal setup.

WALTONS Garden Room Home Office (6×4) – Wooden Traditional Design – £10,085.99 including installation

Dimensions: 19.6ft x 13.1ft (6m x 4m)
WALTONS Garden Room Home Office (6x4)

This is practically the same building as the previous offering, but with an extra 9 squared metres of space and a more traditional looking wooden exterior. Depending on your taste and space requirements, it may be a more appealing option for the slightly higher price.

VENERA House Building Kit Angled Bungalow Agate – £31,373.87

Dimensions: unknown

This one is more for fun. At a much higher price point, it just shows how far you can go with pre-builds. It would be hard to justify even calling this a tiny house. However it’s quite interesting to see that you could potentially buy a full pre-built home of this size on a place like Amazon. And it’s fun to contrast it with some of the other options on this list.

There you have it: our list of pre-built tiny houses available to buy online. While they may not all be suitable for all your tiny living needs, hopefully they give an idea of what’s out there. For some, buying a pre-built building will defeat the purpose; for others, it’s a way to get to where you want to be as soon as possible. And for others, maybe something in between – a foundation to build on top of or find out what works for you.

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