Using Curtains as Space Dividers in a Tiny House

Doors that swing open are not practical in a small space and adding permanent dividers (i.e., walls) can make a small space feel even smaller. That is where curtains can help a lot. Curtains are not just for windows; curtains have been used as space dividers in places such as offices and hospital wards for a long time. Why not then take inspiration and use them creatively in your Tiny House?

Use Curtains to Create Divisions Between Open Spaces

Curtains can be great for creating a cosy atmosphere while also partitioning different zones in your Tiny House. They do not create a permanent division and offer complete flexibility. You can draw curtains to fully separate spaces, pull them back to create open plan spaces, or only partially separate each area.

What’s also nice is that you can easily remove them when no longer needed and completely personalise them to your unique space and taste.

Tiny Houses usually have large open spaces. Especially when it comes to the loft area where the bedroom is often located. As such, you may want to create some division between the bedroom and living spaces for privacy; especially if you’re living with other people and have multiple loft areas.

Use Curtains to Hide Clutter From View

Your house is not a museum and mess is inevitable from time to time. You may not have the time to put away your clothes or may feel like leaving your bed unmade. Moreover, if you have children, they may not always keep their spaces tidy. Use curtains to hide your belongings and any clutter from view.

Use curtains as wardrobe doors, instead of kitchen cabinet doors or even to hide your office space. Simply draw the curtains shut and the mess is out of view and kept private from others!

You can hang curtains that are opaque to create complete privacy or sheer ones if you still want to let some light trough. Combine both for daytime and night time use.

Hang Curtains From The Ceiling To Create Flexible Divisions

Use ceiling rails to hang your curtains as this will give you more flexibility over the location and layout of the space you want to divide. This way you won’t need to use curtain rods which are usually straight and require screwing into a vertical wall.

What’s nice about ceiling rails is that you can cut the tracks to the desired size using a cutting box and create curved and irregular rails. Meaning that you’re not limited to a straight vertical division.

Ikea have a simple curtain hanging system called VIDGA that you can easily install onto the ceiling of your Tiny House.

For a tutorial of how to install this hanging system, check out Ikea’s “How to make a canopy bed” tutorial. Alternatively, watch the short video below. Adapt this to your needs and create flexible and unique space divisions using curtains!

Ikea VIDA hanging system video
Ikea curtain track inspiration video

I hope you have found some of these curtain ideas inspirational. It would be great to hear if you’ve used or are thinking of using curtains as space dividers in your Tiny House. Please feel free to comment below, we’re always interested in hearing from our readers.

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