7 Simple Security Tips to Prevent Tiny House Theft

Living in a Tiny House can lower your expenses and help you have a more sustainable and flexible lifestyle. However, if you don’t follow the basic Tiny House security tips, your whole house (and not just the contents) could get stolen.

This is exactly what happened to Megan Panu in December 2018. Her $20,000 tiny house was wheeled away on a pick up truck one weekend. Lucky for her, the tiny house was found in the end. However, are tiny homes really secure?

As long as you take appropriate measures, Tiny House living can be safe. Here are some easy Tiny House security tips you can take to protect your home from theft:

1. Physically Secure Your Tiny House

A hitch lock is trailer security 101. Lock your hitch and at least one wheel. This is the easiest way to physically secure your tiny house according to Tumbleweed Houses.

If you plan on parking in a particular spot for an extended amount of time, consider taking the wheels off. This will make your home immobile and more difficult for thieves to move.

2. Park Consciously

Large open spaces may be appealing, but they make it much easier for thieves to move your home. Parking in such a way so that your home is surrounded by barriers may help deter thieves.

One easy way to protect access to your hitch is by simply parking a car in front of it. Additionally, you can make use of natural barriers such as trees, large rocks, rivers or man-made barriers such as gates and buildings. This way thieves will only have limited points of access to your home.

3. Install a Security System

Just like conventional homes, you can install a security system in your Tiny House for some added security. Many cameras can now stream live footage to your phone and save it for playback if you wish. You can get alerted even if someone is just walking by. This way you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re out. This Honeywell Smart Home Security System even comes with an in built Amazon Alexa.

However, keep in mind that you will need to continuously power the security system and have an internet connection in order to do so. So if you’re off grid this may not be viable and you may need to rely on your neighbours or passers by to hear a security alarm. Which could also be difficult in remote areas.

Nevertheless, there are some battery and solar powered security systems out there. Here’s one we found on Amazon. So if you’re off grid most of the time then definitely look into these.

4. Put up a “You’re on Camera” Sticker

Having a sticker on your window that says “You’re on Camera” is possibly one of the cheapest and easiest ways to deter thieves. You can have one up even if you don’t actually have a security camera installed!

5. Get a Motion Detector Light

Attaching a battery powered motion detector light to the outside of your home is an easy way to surprise and expose approaching criminals at night. This way they won’t have the cover of darkness to aid them and may be scared off from doing anything.

6. Stash a Hidden GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are easily hidden and can help you locate your home if stolen.

There are many different GPS trackers available to buy. Some of which are specifically made for trailers and cars. Many are battery powered and some are even solar powered. There are even some insurance companies who provide GPS trackers for Tiny Houses.

7. Get a Dog

Dogs are not just great companions and fun but they can also help to deter thieves. A small or large dog will work. What’s great about having a security dog is that you won’t have to use a power supply!

Overall, there are many easy and cheap steps you can take to protect your Tiny House from theft. I hope you’ve found some of our Tiny House Security Tips useful. Let us know in the comments which ones you have used, which ones you’re thinking of using or even ones that we have not covered here.

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