Tiny House Builders Based In The UK

The Tiny House movement has its roots in the USA but is now making its way across the pond to the UK. We were curious to see how many Tiny House builders we could find that produce Tiny Houses on wheels in the UK. Here are some builders we found online (in no particular oder):

1. Tiny House UK – tinyhouseuk.co.uk

Tiny House Uk is run by Tiny House and cabin designer/ builder Mark Burton. The company are based in Surrey, England and build fully mobile and static Tiny House cabins. Offering part built houses (from £6,500) and fully built houses (from £25,000). With a part built house you’ll get the structure of the house, but the interior will be left empty for you to design and install. Tiny House UK also offer Tiny House trailers that you can buy which come ready to build on.

2. Tiny Eco Homes UK Ltd – tinyecohomesuk.com

Tiny Eco Homes UK Ltd was established by Chris March in 2009. The company are based in Riding Mill, England and specialise in custom built road legal tiny houses. They have three main ranges of tiny houses for sale: the Traditional Range (size from 16ft x 8ft), the Elegance Range and the Elegance Grand Range. The Elegance Range houses come in 7m x 2.55m and are the largest road towable tiny homes that can be towed in the UK. The Elegance Grand Range expands this with 2 full floors. Check out their client example of a custom built tiny house to see their work.

Furthermore, Tiny Eco Home UK Ltd have some good info on tiny home trailers and chassis and also offer tiny home building courses.

3. Tiny House Scotland – tinyhousescotland.co.uk

Tiny House Scotland was started by Jonathan Avery in 2014. Jonathan is passionate about sustainability and as such, works on his own to design and build NestPod™ Tiny Houses. Jonathan’s NestPod™ houses are custom built to suit your needs and consist of high spec materials. A fully finished NestPod™ costs around £40-50k+ excluding work. The final price will depend on your specifications of course.

You can find an archive of Jonathan’s design and craftsmanship at jonathanavery.com.

Tiny House Scotland also sell tiny house trailers for self builds.

4. Trailhouse – trailhouse.co.uk

Trailhouse Tiny houses were started by husband and wife team Tony and Diane Statham in 2009. They have worked together for the past 25 years and both have art backgrounds. Tony and Diane’s Trailhouse Tiny Houses come beautifully styled and mounted on a purpose built galvenized trailer. Furthermore, they are customisable.

You can find one of their Trailhouses on Airbnb here. Renting a Tiny House can be a great experience to see what Tiny House living is all about before committing. This way you will get a feel for whether this lifestyle suits you or not.

So that concludes our list of Uk based Tiny House builders. However, please note that this in not an exhaustive list of Tiny House builders in the UK and there are likely more out there. If you know of any that we’ve not mentioned, please feel free to let us know. We’d be happy to add them to our list.

These books may be useful if you’re thinking of building your very own Tiny House:

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