10 Eco Friendly Bathroom Supply Swaps

The bathroom can be the smallest room in the house but it tends to produce a lot of waste. For many people tiny living is not just about cost effective living but also about sustainable living. Many strive to reduce the amount of single use plastic. As such, here are ten eco friendly bathroom supply swaps you can make to reduce single use plastic and waste in your bathroom.

1. Toothbrush

Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is one of the easiest swaps you can make to your bathroom supplies. Bamboo toothbrushes are mostly compostable, eco friendly and perform as well as normal toothbrushes. Brush with Bamboo is one of the best options as they have organic handles with plant based bristles. This type of bristle is currently the best available option out there. Composed of 62% Castor Bean Oil and 38% nylon. However, it is not perfect as there is still 38% plastic in the bristle. Nevertheless, it is still a step in the right direction. You should be aware that “100% biodegradable bristles” do not currently exist. Therefore, you should be cautious of companies who claim this.

2. Toothpaste

Tooth powder

Eco Friendly Bathroom Supply, Tooth Powder

Tooth powder is a daily alternative to toothpaste. It comes in a powdered form and you can typically get it in a glass jar. Tooth powders are essentially natural and non-toxic whitening powders. They polish away stains and plaque that naturally form on your teeth.

Toothpaste capsules

Eco Friendly Toothpaste Tablets

Fluoride toothpaste tablets require no water and are zero plastic. As such, they can help you save water and have a more eco friendly bathroom. You simply chew to a paste, then use like normal toothpaste.

Solid toothpaste

You can also buy solid toothpaste that comes on a compostable stick. To use you slide the stick on the bristles of your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Alternatively, you can also get tooth soap sticks. These are made entirely from non-toxic ingredients.

3. Dental Floss

Eco Friendly Bathroom Supply, Waterpik

Ordinary floss is usually plastic. You can swap to a waterpik for a completely zero waste alternative. A waterpik is simply an electronic water flosser. You floss your teeth using a powerful water jet stream. Interestingly, it is suggested to be significantly more effective than conventional dental floss.

Eco Friendly Bathroom Supply, Plastic Free Dental floss

However, if you want to stick with dental floss, consider this completely plastic-free floss. It is made from silk and comes in compostable packaging.

4. Ear Buds

Traditional cotton buds are made with plastic. However, you can swap them for two alternatives:

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds

Bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable. As such you can simply throw them in your organic waste or compost bin after use.

Reusable Ear Buds

Eeears sell reusable medical-grade silicone ear cleaners. These are designed to get rid of your unwanted wax while keeping your ear drums safe. All you have to do is twist the head in the cartilaginous part of your ear canal. To use again, you just need to wash the cleaner with water.

5. Wipes and Cotton Rounds

Eco Friendly Bamboo Rounds

Instead of throwing away single use face wipes and cotton rounds you can switch to a reusable option. For example, these reusable eco friendly bamboo rounds do a good job at removing stubborn makeup. You can reuse them up to 1000 times. As such, they help you cut down on waste quite a bit making them a great eco friendly bathroom supply swap. Just wash them with your laundry to reuse again.

6. Shampoo

Shampoo Bars

Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar

It is not necessary to use liquid shampoo that comes in plastic bottles. You can easily reach the same level of cleanliness with a shampoo bar. For travel, you can use tin containers or beeswax wraps to carry/contain the bar.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo saves water and can help keep your hair grease free in between washes. You can make your own by combining bentonite clay and organic cornstarch or arrowroot powder. You can store the mixture in a salt and pepper shaker for easy application.

Liquid Shampoo

There are now stores that provide liquid shampoo that can be bought by weight. You can bring your own container and fill up as much as you require. Simply reuse your old bottles or use refillable dispenser containers. Additionally, companies like Plaine also sell shampoo in aluminium bottles that can be sent back for refills.

7. Hairbrush

Eco Wooden Hairbrush

It is very likely that your hairbrush or comb is made from plastic. You can switch to a wooden hairbrush or comb when the time comes. Furthermore, boar bristle brushes can help pull oil from the root to tip of your hair. Therefore, preventing oils from building up in one area and transferring them to the more dry areas.

8. Deodorant

Eco Friendly Deodorant

Many natural deodorants come in cream or balm form and are packed in glass or tin containers. However, if you prefer a stick style deodorant you can get plastic free ones too. For example, Gaia Guy make them. Natural deodorants come without all the harmful chemicals found in most conventional ones. However, natural deodorants can be pricey. You may want to consider making your own deodorant.

9. Razor

Safety Razor

An average disposable razor is extremely wasteful and not very cost effective. Their blades are made to go blunt after a few weeks. Swap your plastic disposable razor for a safety razor. Safety razors are made of stainless steel which means they can be recycled at the end of their life. They are much cheaper too because only the blade needs replacing. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to take the blade(s) with you when flying.

10. Sanitary Products

The average sanitary pad is made up of the equivalent of four plastic bags. Once you are finished with them they go to the landfill. As you can imagine this adds up over time. They also tend to contain dioxins, furans and fragrance. These may disrupt your endocrine. Luckily there is a way to have a less wasteful and healthier period with these eco friendly bathroom supply swaps:

Cloth Pads

Cloth pads work similarly to disposable pads. They absorb your flow throughout the day. They have wings that clip over your underwear but do not have adhesive like disposable pads. Once they are full, you rinse them and throw them in the wash.

Period Panties

Period panties work well for light days and spotting. But, for heavier days, you can add an insert into the underwear. They tend to have multiple layers of cotton sewn into the lining. Some leading brands are Thinx and Luna Pads.

Cloth pads and period panties can replace disposable pads, tampons, liners, and cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups catch blood instead of absorbing it. They are made of medical grade silicone and stay in place using suction. They only need to be changed every ~12 hours and can hold two super tampons worth of blood

This is not a definitive list of swaps you can make in your bathroom but I hope you have found some of these suggestions useful. Are there any eco friendly bathroom supply swaps you have already made/ are considering making? What are some of your favourite swaps?

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